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25th-Feb-2012 02:49 pm - Long time no post
It's been such a long time since I've used livejournal. hehe
I use Tumblr and Twitter more~

I've been a bit stressed out since there's so many exams at school this year. Last year wasn't too bad but this year.. :/
Im also kinda ill T^T
Yesterday was non-uniform day at school, some girls looked like sluts o.o The good thing that happened yesterday was that I got to speak to the only guitarist in my year! We're int he same class but we don't talk much. Since my teacher made a new seating plan, I had to sit next to him and then we started talking.
Kinda unusual for me since I'm normally quiet- BUT! I'm slowly becoming more confident ^_^

Spirited Away is such a good movieeee~ I really wished that they made a sequel.. I guess I'll have to stick to fanfics for now.

Utaites! Soraru has been my favorite for quite a long time now. I've started liking Amatsuki too, his voice is really cute :P
I might get an electric guitar either on my bday (in May) or next year after my final exams. Omg I can't believe time has gone by so fast.. I'm going to go to Sixth Form soon.. T^T My friend keeps telling me that it's really stressfull and difficult. I hope it isn't like that, I'm not to good at dealing with stress, I'll probably commit suicide or something o.o'

I've got quite a lot of anime to watch to. I shouldn't have started so many at the same time! ><

Bye bye~ ^^
11th-Dec-2011 09:55 am - いけめ~ん
I've started to get interested into Johnny's Entertainment now. :) The last time I heard one of their songs was like.. o.o'' 1/2 years ago?
Anyways, Yamada Ryosuke <3 He's still as cute as before! ^^ I've noticed that there's some new groups that are out.
Sexy Zone (a bit unfitting since they all look kinda young to me o.o but still awesome since Nakajima Kento is a member! He's so cute xD)
Im a bit sad that two members left NEWS though.. T_T 頑張ってね remaining members.. ;_;
KATTUN! xD They used to be my absolute fave (2nd was NEWS then HSJ) I remember my fave member used to be Jin then Kame then.. IDK lol
I dont really listen to Kis-my-ft2 or Kanjani8 but I guess I should give them a go soon! ^^
Im back into JPOP now! x) But of course I'll still listen to Jrock and Kpop ^^
25th-Aug-2011 05:05 pm - First post

A few days ago I joined the tumblr family as Yusa ^^ Its fun, i guess.

I seriously need to finish watching Heartstrings before I loose interest in it. >_< Just like how I did with this Horikita Maki jdrama, I've already forgotten the name of it. LOL

My current obsessions are:

-Kazuki (He's sooooo hot ♥__♥ + his smile omg)
-TaNaBaTa (This band really deservese to be more famous.. T_T Poor あにー)

*sniff sniff* I can smell something good cooking downstairs. o_o WANT
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